kvnmcwebn said:
> Theres no way of breaking down the navigation into smaller
> chunks without creating a mystery meat situation.
> Here was the simple method that i suggested..
> http://mcmonagle.biz/dropdowns/

That is quite different from the original sample supplied and it *does*
look the ideal candidate for a dropdown.

In my previous reply to you I meant to say don't use a drop down as your
*main* navigation device, but if it meant to winnow/filter a result set
(e.g. by geographical location, as suggested by the above sample) then
that does make sense and is typical use of a select dropdown.

Redundant links will solve your SEO problems, if you want the spiders to
index every page, but I suspect you have an IA problem. e.g. instead of
county/hotels, it could be hotels/county gives a better result in
navigation terms.

One more gotcha to think about, if your url scheme is query based (e.g.
index.asp?county=cork&thing=hotel) then the site may have problems being

kind regards
Terrence Wood.

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