Title: Dragon Way (Site Check)

> http://test.dragon-way.com/

> Any other comments would be ace.

Firstly, congratulations on putting together a site that is well structured with the headings etc. My comments relate more to the usability and accessibility aspects. 

·     Your splash screen and internal top menu use the “mystery meat” paradigm, ie you don’t know what the graphics relate to until you mouse or tab over them.

·     The first doll doesn’t show a title if tabbed, only if moused over

·     If images are turned off – as many users on slower modems do, you can’t get past the splash screen

·     There is no indication via alt tag or other that the Dragon Way logo actually links to a contact page

·     My guess would be that many users would click on the Dragon Way logo on the splash screen expecting to go to an introductory page about Dragon Way and would be quite confused when they arrive on the contact page.  This should of course be verified through user testing.

·     I would have expected much more detail about the food.  While it is good to know where the restaurants are I would not be enticed to go there unless I had a reasonably good idea of the menu. It the menu page intended to be expanded or is the list it???

·     The title on the menu page is also confusing.  I clicked on menu, my expectation is to see what dishes are offered if I go to the restaurant. The page title states “Take away and home delivery menu”. Questions will automatically be raised. Is this different to the restaurant menu? Are the prices different? Where o I find the restaurant menu? Did I click on the wrong thing? Etc etc. Much better just to title it “Menu” then add text if take away and dine-in differ.



Graham Cook


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