Lori Cole wrote:

I think I will start attending a local user group rather than using this
list as I think people behave differently face to face and maybe some women
will be there.  Thanks for those of you that have commented constructively
about IE and tidy.  I took an HTML II online course with HWG and they do not
even mention text editors exist and would have saved me a lot of time.
I am just using Notepad now to write SCRICT code and rather than reaching
for a reference book to remember a small detail or rather than running it
through a validator, I thought a text editor might help. I can certainly
research text editors myself but thought my question would be interesting
for this list to address in terms of trying to stick to standards.
Lori I would try to find an editor that can offer you some enhanced features for editing and managing code as well as to increase the speed with which you can develop code. I mentioned earlier on this list that I use HTML-Kit (http://www.chami.com/html-kit/). I also use NotePad++ (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm) both of these programs offer line numbering and code colorization. These are the two most important features you can have over notepad. If you need to debug or are validating you need to know what line numbers you have. Other features that are a benefit are element folding/collapsing which Notepad++ has so if you are only wanting to look at parent elements and not their child elements it makes this easier. I suppose this would help lost in DOM scripting, though I am only learning about this.

The reason I use HTML-Kit is that it is highly customizable and that it allows for me to default to whatever DTD I want. In addition, there are hundreds of plug ins and addons. The other and the main reason I use it is that I can file manage from the application and it allows for local or FTP file editing.

There are all sorts of free text editors though and I would try as many of them as possible. They mostly all just be text editors but some people swear by them.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

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