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Donna Jones said:
A non-profit that i've maintained the website for for 8 years or so has
recently...hired a PR firm.

Why do the PR firm think they should maintain the site and not you?

Have they put forward any compelling reasons why they are better qualified
to look after a web site? Get them to justify their position.

What are the long term implications when the grant money runs out? [...]

Terrence makes good points.

I'm not being funny but how, after an 8 year relationship, does a PR firm have the ability to over-ride your recommendations to the NFP? Sounds to me like you're due a little more respect and some support from the NFP in your work to make sure the NFP gets a good site. My points:

- Expert PR /= expert web technologist. They are not necessarily the professionals [1]. - I'd be asking why web standards are *not* important, not feeling I have to justify why they are. - A quick demo with JAWS or even just no style view in FF should fix their claims to expertise when a test page is produced.
- Reference to statutory requirements: http://www.w3.org/WAI/Policy/

Also, money saved in rubbish web design from this PR firm can go to more effect work. Even if (and no disrespect meant by this) they love the PR firm's designs and don't like your own ideas they can always produce the visual design and you code it. Either way your NFP saves money.

Jon Tan

[1] http://webstandards.org/buzz/archive/2005_11.html#a000590
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