They work fine on IIS in windows, as long as your using .shtml or .asp as your file extension.
As long as the code in the file you are calling is standards compliant, it doesn't make any difference how you call it. The browser will just treat the code as if it were part of the calling page, just like any other html or any code generated on the server side.

On 1/18/06, Lachlan Hunt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Svip wrote:
> On 18/01/06, KJ Callender <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I want to include a file to be included into about 10 htm pages, and to
>> save time me updating them individually, i want to use a include file.
>> Using standards, which is the best way to achieve this:
>> 1.   <!--#include virtual="/included.htm" -->
> It could be done as following in PHP:
> <?php include('included.html');?>
> Which would not include your "comment" mark, and I do not know either
> if your way is a standard, as I have never heard of it. Besides, I
> hate frames, and thus would not suggest your way.

They're called server side includes and they work on Apache.  They've
got nothing to do with frames.  I don't believe they're in any official
standard, Apache is the only server I know of that implements them like
that (though, I don't know much at all about other servers).

Lachlan Hunt

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