I want to talk today about "respect". For those of you who have not heard of
this concept, "respect" is sometimes defined as "courteous regard for
people's feelings".

When you reply to a post on the list, you should at all times try to do so
with respect. Everyone on this list is entitled to their own opinion.
Sometimes they may be factually incorrect, other times they may have a
different view from you but EVERYONE should be treated with respect.
Below are some examples of replies that LACK respect:

"You are totally wrong"
"That is silly"
"That is stupid"
"You know nothing about..."
"You are dumb"
"You smell"

Below are some more respectful alternatives:

"I'm not sure I agree with that"
"I think you may be misinterpreting..."
"I respectfully disagree for the following reasons"
"Have you considered taking a bath?"

Today's lesson: when replying to others, be courteous or leave!

In the near future I will cover a more subtle concept: "how not to always
have the last word on a subject". However, that is a bit advanced for now,
one step at a time.

Miss Manors

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