Does this mean we're supposed to make all the sites we've ever made useless in IE5 and IE6?
Maybe it's time we just give up on Internet Explorer and design for standards compliant browsers instead?
The sad thing is that of course everyone who's using Explorer will blame the designer of the site and our clients will rip the hair out of their heads because most people use IE anyway.

If you ask me we're all properly and royally f****d by Microsoft. Why won't they play ball with us (and their users)?

On 2/10/06, Patrick H. Lauke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Cade Whitbourn wrote:

> The compatibility issue is caused by our use of CSS filters. They
> specificially highlight our use of Star HTML Hack, Selector HTML Hack
> and the Holly Hack.
> Although they don't say it explicitly, the implication is that we should
> remove these from our CSS as the use of these filters fails in IE7.

"Hi, this is the MS IE Team. We've removed the bugs that were exploited
for CSS filters, but didn't actually fix the fundamental problems that
caused people to use filters in the first place. We decided that you
should use conditional comments instead..."

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