Wow, I seem to have kicked off quite a ruckus. From what has been said I
believe the situation isn't as bad as I thought, certainly no worse than
in business/industry. There is still a long way to go, but we're getting

So, points to note:

1) Syllabus documents may be out of date, or just not quite in line with
what's actually being taught. Lesson: don't believe everything you read,
and believe the best until proven otherwise.

2) Some educators are resistant to change, just as some finance
directors/marketing departments/project managers are. Lesson: You can
lead a horse to water...

3) Many academic institutions are teaching and advocating web standards
to their students. Lesson: use the people doing it right as examples,
maybe a "how web standards has improved our web design course" document
would be useful.

And some things that I've been mulling over for quite a while. Is there
an international web design accreditation scheme, or some "web master
driving licence"? Is that one of the aims of a web designers
association/guild? And finally, what associations/guilds are you part
and are the ones I'm aware of (there are others,
I'm sure).


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