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As far as i know png alpha transparency does not work well in IE 5.5 and 6,

Thanks, you're right - but no problems there as I'm serving an extra
css to grumpy old browsers

It's a shame there are so many problems with png24 as the lack of a
viable transparency solution leads designers into all sorts of
workarounds (like javascript!) or the use of extra images to 'fake'
transparency. I'm surprised this problem is still with us after gawd
knows how many years of trying.

For a little while, I went down the path of  "opacity: 0.5;" but
quickly found that nothing could be done to reverse the effect for
children of the object - they all went wishy washy too!

I'd be really interested in seeing examples of successfully
implemented transparent elements in web pages if anyone has got them -
not really interested in the javascript IE/hacks.

Andrew Harris

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