if there's no sandwiches, I'm not going.

... ;-)

seriously though, I think you have a point, but I don't think your
approach will achieve anything. It's like howling at the developers of
IE because they were part of a team that brought us a dodgy browser.
There are many many good folk building websites at universities and
WANAU is one way that they can share their ideas... but, by and large,
these are not the people who hold the purse strings and call the shots
when it comes to developing big university systems, so there is no use
ranting at them and alienating them.

You condemn the Griffith page apparently on the basis of a URL that
contains unescaped ampersands. I know at Melbourne University, we have
had systems that simply would not recognise escaped ampersands in
links (haven't checked that one for a while), so we were forced to
leave links invalid. These are not little systems - to upgrade or
change vendor would cost many many millions of dollars.

Not valid and therefore, strictly speaking, not accessible. Still, I
couldn't be 100% certain, but I'd take a guess that no-one apart from
the validator cared or even noticed.

Andrew Harris

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