Hi all, hope you can help. I have a problem with a page in safari.

I won't bore you with the backstory, but this is from a large and
complex template deployment over a range of websites that I have
little control over. To solve a problem that kept cropping up due to
Block Formatting Context, I used a well documented fix: set the
containing div to display:table;

All seemed well, didn't seem to break anything, tested, rolled it
out... zap! problem!

Here is a completely stripped out version of the page, displaying the issue.
In all browsers there is (should be) a form. In Safari, there is not.
It just vanishes!

I can fix it two ways:
- wrap the form in a div
- remove the display:table; rule on the enclosing div
neither of which are very palatable in the context of the site.

I would prefer to find some way with CSS to make Safari display the
form as it should. Thus far, I have had no luck - any takers?

Worth noting that safari 3 displays the page correctly, but that's not
much help in the here and now.


Andrew Harris

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