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It's showing up on Opera site, so I reckon it's supported for 9.50 Alpha? And Safri Beta 3 too?


That page doesn't work as described on Safari, seen from here (latest WebKit nightly build -OS X) and Safari3.03beta - both OS X and WinXP).

But Mac OS X 10.4 (and esp. Safari) has build in screen reading technology: VoiceOver. Turn VoiceOver on (command F5), and you can have the page read to you. See [1] for a quick howto.
No need for special (x)html code.

iCab also has this option (from the View menu).

Firefox and Camino nightly trunk builds will have support for VoiceOver in the future (currently you'll need to make a custom build from the Gecko 1.9 trunk to enjoy it. Basically, it works, but there are still rough edges. In a Camino build, it only works on the chrome part at the moment, not on the content part.).

I tried that page in Opera 9.5 alpha, but it didn't seem to make any noise. But maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere. I haven't read much about that issue, yet. Opera 9.5a also seem to have basic support for VoiceOver (again, chrome only, as far as I could test).

[1] <http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/200505/ voiceover_and_safari_screen_reading_on_the_mac/>

Philippe Wittenbergh

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