Nick Gleitzman wrote:

As for your second paragraph: you miss the point.

No, *you* miss *my* point; I said:

And since art is often intended to prompt an emotional reaction on
the part of the audience, write that description so the audience
has an opportunity to connect emotionally with the described work
without putting your own bias into it...

Note that last: *without* putting your bias into it.

Of course it's possible to describe even an abstract painting. It
> may, as I said, take a thousand words, or an essay, or even a whole
> book - but it  can be done.

As I said, I'd like to see an example of alt text that enables a
non-sighted person to connect, in *other than* the most factual way,
with a pictured piece of visual art.

You can get a certain amount of "information" from a photocopy of a
grilled cheese sandwich, but it makes rather a dry meal :-)

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