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On 10/09/2007, Stuart Foulstone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mon, September 10, 2007 1:44 am, Nick Gleitzman wrote:
> > Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> >
> > Absolutely. But this whole thread started with the issue of whether alt
> > text should be optional in HTML5.
> >
> Well, that's simple enough.
> The only reason the alt-text is being proposed to be optional is because
> Microsoft are involved with defining HTML5.

OK I have *no intention* of stirring the pot on this one, but I do need to
know how much of your  statement is Fact and how much is Opinion?

I know that there are members of the HTML 5 WG that don't support inclusion
of the alt attribute in the proposed specs - that's how this thread started-
but if you're going to throught comments like that around, can you reference
them for readers of the thread?

Microsoft have always been against standards; they chose not to be
> involved with XHTML and (having seen the threat that represented to them)
> have joined with HTML5 in order to water down the standards.

The HTML 5 WG actually has both MS and Opera staff working on it. Lachlan
Hunt who commented on this thread earlier is on the HTML 5 WG and is going
to work for opera in a month or so.


Lisa Herrod


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