Offline CMS and chat room software?
Rather than looking for something like that, why don't you setup a local
server (e.g Apache) and install CMS systems + chat rooms on it? That way
you'll have it 'locally'


On 10/18/07, marvin hunkin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hi.
> doing a couple of web projects for a couple of subjects doing in my web
> design course.
> one of the pages, needs either to link to a chat room, and need an offline
> version, so that i can install it locally on my flash drive, and then link
> it to my local files and folders and able to load the page locally.
> do you know of any off line cms and chat room software?
> need to display this as part of my page for the 2 websites for my project,
> as for the next 21 days from october 21 to november 12.
> can any one help?
> did post this on the cms list.
> but need an answer by friday, or else, will have to wait till i come back
> from vacation, as going to Tasmania on the boat to visit friends, with my
> parents.
> if you can help, let me know asap.
> i hope this post is on topic.
> cheers Marvin.
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