James Jeffery wrote:
What methods do you find best when creating rounded corners and which
methods are the most supported?

I have been using span tags and absolute positioning. I have also recently started to use the sliding doors method because you can achive nice rounded boxes with some nice effects, even better if you
use PNG's.

Lets have your beloved methods then guys.

I add shapes by CSS-manipulating a number of script generated elements -
divs - above and below a box.

In its most basic form the boxes may come out like this...


...where ordinary CSS-borders are used on all but the last example.
(There's a 1px flaw in IE7 (and IE6 in standard mode) I haven't yet
bothered to correct for in the demo page itself. An ordinary 'hasLayout'
trigger does it in CSS anyway.)

I use 'onDOMContentLoaded' for the script to prevent flickering and
changes as the page gets completed, and add background colors and images
as I see fit.

There are of course very few limitations when it comes to styling the
generated elements. I add as many as I need in each case, and they are
not limited to enhancing corners.

I tend to go for the flat form with simple bordered shapes, and just
fill the generated elements with the box' background. Goes with any


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