>> one thing I 
>>miss about dreamweaver is that you can do a 'search all' and 
>>get a list of all instances of the thing you are searching for 
>>rather than cycling through a 'find...find...find...'
>>list. So far it's the only program I've used that does that 
>>and I really notice not having it.
> My favourite general-purpose text editor is UltraEdit, which does what
> you describe: returns a list of files containg your search string, and
> the entire line(s) that contain that string. It's not a web-specific
> tool, but does beat everything else I have tried to date.

Sounds interesting - I'll check it out.

Normally I use grep for searching in multiple files (returns a list of
matching files and lines) - nothing else I've seen is faster than this
classic unix command-line tool (windows users: there are windows versions of
it - or you can install cygwin, which comes with it. Mac OSX users probably
already have it!)

.. but yes ... it would be nice to be able to do this kind of thing without
leaving my text editor... some kind of regex search/replace would be nice

(but for me to use it in the real world it must start up quickly - I'm
impatient! :)

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