Have to disagree with you there - just because some people do it for a
good reason doesn't mean that the illiterate aren't.

Certain people that I know, type the full, exact URL for a site into the
Google search box in the middle of the page, wait for the results to
load, then click the first link - don't even use the 'I'm Feeling Lucky'
button - I can't begin to list the number of ways that process could be
improved on, but it is generally taken as a personal insult if I tell
that person they are being stupid (even when I try my hardest to
sugar-coat it.) It only takes a second or two longer, so what is the
point in learning something different?


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>But that's not because lots of people don't know how to use 
>the address bar,  its because MOST PEOPLE find it easier to 
>type partial URL's into Google rather than typing the whole 
>URL into the address bar - plus if you make a slight error you 
>get prompted for the correction rather than just told it doesn't exist.
>Experienced IT literate people do this too.

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