There is a way to produce portable network graphics (png's) so that they
render correctly across all browsers without the need to employ complicated
hacks and ie filter-based
heavy javascript files, such as the twin
or the

Most times when a png is exported it is done so as a png32, which provides
lossless compression and allows for more complex settings. All the goodies
we love when designing a site.

However, within Fireworks you can also export png's as a png8, which
provides a palette based colour model (like gif's) and which many believe
only offers a 1 bit transparency option. However, if we play with some of
the settings we are able to offer similar semi-transparency colors as a

So if you use the export wizard and set it to export as png8 with indexed
transparency, you will see the palette colours have been flattened and you
are offered one, single transparent colour.

However, if you change these settings to alpha transparency, you will notice
a few small "chunks" cut out of the some of the palette colours. These are
the new semi-transparent colours.

The only downside is that complicated fade effects on images are not seen on
IE5.5 & 6, but it still is a transparent image.

This works for IE5.5 and above (I haven't tested lower than that), FF,
Safari and Opera, so it's a winner all round.

Also, the generated image files are smaller, which will increase delivery
time, and , more importantly, there is no need to implement hacks,
javascript files or any other third party coding, making the total delivery
package smaller and therefore increasing the speed of your site.

Hope the above helps you all.

I am planning on writing an article on the web design forum I moderate ( around this, once complete I shall let you know so you
can bookmark it for future reference.


2008/6/10 IceKat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Hey,
> I recently looked this up for someone else. I've found this link (below) to
> work well for regular images but don't seem to do much for background images
> pulled in with CSS. However having said that I've used this script without
> much trouble for quite a while.
> As for the 800x600 thread. I've been interested in reading the replies and
> thank everyone responding to my thread. I asked because I was making a fixed
> width layout which was looking very odd on my computer when made to fix for
> an 800x600 and my screen being a wide screen. Some of you might be glad to
> know I've since started trying to make it fluid width but it's been great to
> read all the replies and get the opinion of everyone.
> IceKat.
> PNG Link:
> Michael Persson wrote:
>> HI people,
>> I have tried to not use transparency for years as it is not working IE6
>> properly.
>> I have not a situation where i need it and there is no way out, I have
>> tried some
>> tricks and there are some that works half way to the full solution.
>> There is a solution with a js file called htc somethnig where i get the
>> transparency
>> working but only in one of the images i need them to appear.
>> Does anyone have a clever full functional solution for this transparency
>> crap
>> to make work.... ?
>> I have grey hair already but its starting to fall of soon...
>> Michael in Athens
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