On 19 Jun 2008, at 11:06, Jon Tan wrote:

On 19 Jun 2008, at 10:08, James Jeffery wrote:

A question was raised at work today 'How do you mark up a poem'.

I looked into it but found nothing worthy. My original thought was to use P's and class names, but one article I read said XML is perfect for this case.

[snip] It would be interesting to know how alternative browsers handle both <br />s and single/double line breaks in <pre> blocks. Do they inject a pause or other aural boundary?

Jon Gibbins (http://dotjay.co.uk) of GAWDS and Accessify forum has kindly run some screen reader tests on both <p> with <br /> and <pre>. He's also published the actual results as .MP3s:



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