Matijs wrote:
Currently I'm working on a website with a community / web 2.0-ish feel to it. I'm having trouble deciding what tags to use for certain elements on a page. These elements are:

- mail a friend
- vote the article up
- vote the article down
- copy "I want to embed this on my own site" code from an input field
- the number of times the article has been viewed
- tags associated with the article

Hi Matijs,

Those elements are all functions provided for the current page, and so they belong together and can be handled in an unordered list. I don't see anything speaking against that. Try viewing your layout structure by turning of stylesheets and you can then probably decide with more confidence about how the semantic elements of the page structure should be displayed with (X)HTML elements.

As s simple rule i usually create the (X)HTML structure when i have a determined the basic layout, without applying any stylesheet. When the structure is correct and seems logic as applied to the content i proceed.

regards, Jens

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