Another problem is that there are organisations which still have large
investments in a legacy O/S (MS included) on which IE7/8 cannot run.

So it's not just a time issue for downloading the browser, but upgrading
to a new O/S.

On Mon, August 4, 2008 8:03 am, James Ellis wrote:
> Hi
> Not wanting to hijack the PNG thread, so I've altered the subject.
> I understand the issues involve in huge migrations, it's not that easy..
> especially if your systems have a vested interest in some piece of
> obsolete
> technology.. but there are two things that strike me as odd here -
> - IE7 has been around for about 2 years now. It takes about 10 minutes to
> install IE7 on the desktop (I did one yesterday). 20000 employees
> shouldn't be
> that difficult ?
> - the last time I worked in a big corporate environment, upgrades happened
> with a zap disk - either by choice or because the OS became unusable. The
> zap
> would boot up the PC and download an image to the machine, installing the
> image. A fresh new windows in about 30 minutes.
> So, time isn't obviously an issue - I think it's more the "tying of an
> application to one browser" -- if it's for internal use that's  a special
> case
> that probably doesn't apply to general public web use.
> Get enough people hammering on the door and somethings gotta give, I say
> ;)
> Cheers
> James
> On Monday 04 August 2008 15:54:41 Phillips, Wendy wrote:
>> I would agree. When you have over 20,000 employees and multiple legacy
>> systems, upgrading an OS is a really big deal and you will always be
>> behind
>> the pack. Staff don't have the choice or ability to upgrade.
>>      WP
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>> On
>> Behalf Of Lewis, Matthew Sent: Monday, 4 August 2008 2:05 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: [WSG] What is the best solution for IE6 png issue?
>> > as to say look at the theory of developing specifics for IE6. There is
>> > a gaining movement around to start phasing out IE6 support - look at
>> > 37signals, I think they begin IE6 phase out this week or next. They've
>> > done their maths and taken a gamble. Hopefully it'll spark something.
>> > [snip...]
>> > In the end, do you want to spend hours developing hacks for IE6 or
>> > just nicely push people into an upgrade path?
>> OT and not much to do with IE6 .png solutions but instead, the ongoing
>> support of IE6 aspect of this thread.
>> I was advised by a lesser Microsoft management bot that many corporate
>> organisations have a 'latest minus one' policy, which means only running
>> up
>> to the previous version of any current browser. This will hopefully mean
>> that when IE8 is fully released many corporate techs will then upgrade
>> to
>> IE7, ideally resulting in a bulk upgrade of the costly IE6.
>> I hope this has some truth.
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