Not only JS, there are differences in CSS as well.

Shadows appear, but kinda buggy, not as it should. text-shadow and
The rounded borders are not antialiased (as in aliased or pixelated) in
Chrome whereas FF3 and Safari handle it correctly.
And font-face doesn't work at all, whereas it does in safari.

I know these properties are not part of css2.1, so it's acceptable, but good
to know. That was a few weeks ago as well. Maybe it's been fixed... I
haven't checked today.

I've heard about problems with png as well, but I haven;t seen any problems
on that side of things.

There are probably other things that are different in Chrome than in Safari.


Johan Douma

2008/10/16 Ben Buchanan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Seeing as though Google's new Chrome browser uses the same rendering engine
>> as Apple's Safari, would it be acceptable to test browser layout issues in
>> Chrome and assume the same CSS solutions apply in Safari? Does anyone know
>> of any distinct differences in CSS rendering between the 2 browsers?
> I don't know of any issues now, but as a long term solution I would assume
> that the two browsers will get out of synch at some stage in terms of the
> specific version of teh rendering engine. Also as other people have noted
> the whole browser is more than just the rendering engine; so it's prudent to
> test them separately.
> cheers,
> Ben
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