Read the story on that page carefully. What has happened is that flash
10 has increased restrictions over what features within the flash
plugin can be invoked via javascript. This only applies to one
specific feature (file uploads), and effects virtually no other flash
features. It does not effect javascript's abilities in general, only
the abilities of javascript to use flash in certain ways. This point
will largely become moot once video/audio/3d/canvas becomes widespread
and built into browsers, and flash as a result becomes less relevant-
Particularly on low powered platforms like the iPhone, and Android
which do not have flash- or the wii which only has an older and
underpowered version of flash.

I forgot that the Wii has a browser! (I think I was surprised to see it come up in the server logs here a while back)

Flash Lite maybe?
... (quite a lot of mobile phones have some version of "Flash Lite" - which is I think compatable with
flash versions up to 7 - so no AS3/flex/etc ... but AS2 is ok)

linux desktop distros often come with non-Adobe open source flash players which also don't do some of the newer features introduced recent versions of Adobe flash player.

(Firefox 3 on my ubuntu box was like this until I manually downloaded Adobe flash player 9 and compiled it from the shell prompt)

For me its basically horses for courses, comparing javascript and actionscript is like comparing apples and oranges, I don't see either as a replacement for the other. .. not yet anyway... ...

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