Kerry I agree with you there - while 99% of computers online may have
to flash 2 or 3 some higher (of course) I think that we would be extremely
hard pressed to find a majority of online machines with flash above flash
Myself, a web developer, only has flash 8 on my machine (I don't code in
flash, so no real need to upgrade it any further at this stage...)

I think flash players as old as 2 or 3 would be pretty rare nowdays, however
with flash lite on quite a lot of mobile phones (capabilities something like
flash 7 I think) and some linux distros coming with open source alternative
flash players (capabilities like flash 7 or 8 also) I tend to avoid using
anything that needs flash player 9 where possible and so far I haven't found
anything I needed to do that really needed actionscript 3  ....
...widgets pulling down xml, etc can be made to work fine using actionscript
2 and my favourite actionscript compiler (which btw was my first rather late
introduction to the flash world) - "mtasc" ( ) is for
actionscript 2.

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