Apologies, all, that last message wasn't particularly constructive of
me. I'll be more explicit here - my beefs with the use of Flash on
anything to do with "education" (or anywhere else, for that matter) are
as follows:
1. Adobe's Flash belongs only to Adobe - there is no Flash open standard
like there is for all the other important technologies on the web.
Eschewing open standards is poison on the web (although I don't have to
tell that to this group).
2. Flash, as a tool, is technically impressive. It's the way that it's
used by a naive market that sees it as a hammer, and every problem as a
nail that raises issues.  Our local "tech school" turns out hundreds of
Flash-only designers every year that the market doesn't need.  They have
to go *somewhere* - so they tend to freelance and eek out an existence
by selling Flash sites to even more naive customers.
3. Flash encourages designers to break web conventions by providing
their own buttons, hidden or subtle scroll bars, and in every way
"customising" a site's user interface. In doing this they negate all the
learning that web users have done on every other (non Flash) site
they've visited.  I've visited plenty of Flash sites, the navigation for
which probably made sense to the designers, but certainly didn't to me,
and I suspect, every other user.
4. Flash navigation is not accessibility friendly, not SEO friendly, and
not visible to people who... get this... don't use Flash.  I use the
handy Flashblocker extension in Firefox, so I can be aware of every
instance of Flash on sites I visit.

In my opinion, the only thing worse for the web than Flash is
Microsoft's also-ran juggernaut: Silverlight.  Why not use the open
standard of SVG, which is already natively supported (most of it,
anyway) in Firefox and Webkit (Safari/Chrome)?  The answer is simple:
because Microsoft or Adobe can't control it.  

Kind regards,


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