Most likely a lack of hasLayout triggers or layout context changes, or both.

For the coloured boxes, add overflow:hidden to the divs with classes 
catalougeMid and subscribeMid. This will force them into a new layout context 
and in turn expand the container to contain all elements. If you want it to 
apply to IE6 and IE7 only, use a selector hack:

* html .catalogueMid, * html .subscribeMid { overflow: hidden; } /* IE6 Only */
*:first-child+html .catalogueMid, *:first-child+html .subscribeMid { overflow: 
hidden; } /* IE7 Only */

I'd have to fire up a VM to look at the IE6 issue and it's late :)
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Subject: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

HI all,

I'm hoping there's a simple solution to my two problems.

All looks fine in Mac browsers x5 and IE8b2 (according to netrenderer) but not 

IE6 - Mysterious margins are appearing between the header and the top menu and 
in both coloured boxes in the right hand column of the main content.

IE6+7 - the coloured boxes are not 'expanding' to contain the content (in this 
case a floated image in both)

I found this CSS as an alternative to a clearing div and it seems to fix things 
in other browsers - except those IE's:

#NameofContainingDiv:after {
                clear: both;
                content: ".";
                display: block;
                height: 0px;
                visibility: hidden;

Would anyone be able to have a look?

Here's the link:

Any other thoughts, comments, suggestions - always appreciated.


Henrik Madsen

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