On 24/04/2009, at 7:47 PM, Rimantas Liubertas wrote:
And there is NOTHING wrong with pixel sizes.

On 2009/04/24 12:47 (GMT+0300) Rimantas Liubertas composed:
On the contrary, everything is wrong with pixel sizing fonts, because any "size" in px totally disregards the size the visitor has set in his browser

I wouldn't agree with Felix's statement at all, and tend to think Rimantas is correct - there is NOTHING wrong with px font sizes. They are not absolute and browsers are able to modify the size without any problems. You are merely suggesting the font size. i.e.: increasing the preferred font size in the browser still adjusts pxs - if the browser does not behave this way then it's a browser problem, not the designers.

Likewise, font sizes are irrelevant for accessibility. All accessibility software and screen readers should be able to scale the fonts accordingly, if not then it's an issue with the accessibility software. It's easier to keep track of em and percentage sizes for site wide but px is

Joe Clarke gave a great presentation on this at @media 2007 titled "When Web Accessibility Is Not Your Problem", notes available here: http://joeclark.org/appearances/atmedia2007/#fonts

~ daniel a. thornbury

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