Hi all,

We are only a few days away from the Brisbane Joomla Day on Saturday May
2nd. Amongst lots of other goodies, I am doing a talk on Jentla, our
multisite manager for Joomla.  Here are a couple of features which people in
web standards strugle to manage that can be easily done with Jentla on

Global Replace: The ability to centrally manage the customisation of
portions of the content on literally hundreds of websites. So if you want to
enforce a new standard for spelling a word across every instance where it
occurs across several hundred sites, we can do that instantly.

Merge Fields: Alternatively, if you want to spell a word differently on
various websites in a network of hundreds of sites, we can do that too. So
if all the phone numbers across the corporation change from something like
1800 098 076 to 1800-098-076, we can do that instantly and maintain these
changes as the content of the pages is gradually updated.

If you are into web development and web standards, the Joomla Day will be
really enjoyable and informative. We've got good speakers and it will be
very welcoming to new people to Joomla.

Just remember, with 10 million Joomla sites online, you can base your
business on Joomla now. The Joomla Day will show you how.


Damian Hickey

Founder and Director of ZacWare
Team Leader Freeway Project
Level 1, 80 Jephson Street, Toowong
Brisbane, QLD 4066, Australia
+61 (0) 415 981 852
Fax +61 (7) 3112 4221
email damian.hic...@zac-ware.com

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