2009/11/4 dionisis karampinis <dkarampi...@gmail.com>

> I would like your comments regarding the inclusion of a DIV, inside a Link
> tag.
> I need to make the following div element - 'linkable' , as such when the
> user hovers on it, to be able to follow a link to another page.
Do you think this is a semantic way of structuring these elements or not ?
> And if not do you know if there are any other alternatives so i could
> perform the same functionality?

Well... your example won't validate as XHTML1; and you have something noted
as a heading so semantically it would seem logical to use a heading tag. So
I'd suggest something more like this:

<div id="service1">
<h2 class="servicep"><a href="
http://www.impelmedia.co.uk/index.php/services/design/";>My Heading</a></h2>
<p class="summary"><a href="
http://www.impelmedia.co.uk/index.php/services/design/";>Lorem ipsum text
lorem ipsum text lorem ipsum text orem ipsum text lorem ipsum text orem
ipsum text lorem ipsum text</a></p>

...obviously pick the appropriate heading level. I've just assumed this
wouldn't be the top level heading.

This way everything's clickable, valid and semantically logical.



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