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2009/12/7 Frances de Waal <>

> Hi there,
> May I ask your opinion about some semantic/HTML basics?
> In case of a poem, if I place every verse in a paragraph, what do I do with
> each line of text in the verse? Is this one of the very few occasions to use
> breaks? A verse doesn't seem a list to me... or is it? I like your opinion.
> In the very few tutorials I have seen about how to markup a form
> semantically, both were using  a list in the form. To me that seems totally
> unneccessary plus too much markup. Does anyone know what can be the reason
> of doing it that way?
> InContextEditing, the online CMS from Adobe, needs a extra div for every
> editable region. This makes me avoiding the tool. Some keep saying that
> extra divs don't make any difference to a page at all. I agree they have no
> meaning semantically, but they do create extra code which is not neccessary
> for the content. But then again, we don't talk about 100 divs here. So,
> besides of best practice, is there any place where the extra divs may have
> bad influence?
> Frances de Waal
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