Was making a web form for a commercial software which clientele are mainly from EU countries, in the original form the order of the Country field. The order looks like this:


Maybe I'd been making too many web forms for US and some Asian countries' clients, I find it creates a tiny usability issue for user to have the country field places above state, city and zipcode. From my own experience, I always use tabbing to navigate web form, in a few US sites that I did shopping and that has country, city, state and zipcode setup in a non-US format, I find them to be a usability problem because I didn't read carefully but out of habit (and this is something I expect many web users would do), entered my address expecting them to be in standard US format.

My client thinks otherwise:

Regarding the order of the fields. I understand your background, but from a usability standpoint it seems weird to me to for example show the "Country" field AFTER the "State" field. Why? Because the "State" field is depending on the Country field. If a user goes from field to field and are not from the US, they will be surprised to see that only US states are available in the "State" field. It seems more natural to choose a country first, and then have a field update (change from selectbox with states to a input text field) BELOW that instead of ABOVE that.

Is is a non-issue how the order is? For sites that cater international users, is there a more standard format for address in web form?


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