Sure. :) 
The issue i am encountering is when I generate HTML on the fly using js 
templates. I have a couple of templates written with sections and headers tags. 
Because html5 shiv only create the elements on document loads, it will not work 
the html5 tags that gets appended to the document later. IE keeps throwing an 
object undefined error.  
I didn't realize this can be a bit of issue until i started work on it. I could 
modify the templating js to create the elements, but not sure whether it is 
worth the trouble at this stage. 

So watch out if you rely on js libraries that do something like this:
$("section").text("new something"); // this line will throw an error in IE. 
Hope that makes sense. 

On 28/09/2010, at 11:55 PM, Rob Crowther <> wrote:

> On 28/09/10 14:10, Steven Tan wrote:
>> No, it doesn't. But if you use html5 tags in your templating, then it might. 
>> Just something to watch out for.
> Sorry, I'm not sure what you're saying here: no it doesn't what?  It might 
> what?
>> One of my templates create a section and header for about 20 times.
> I'm not sure why that would matter?  The main problem the html5shiv is trying 
> to solve is that IE doesn't allow CSS to be applied to elements it doesn't 
> recognise.  If you call document.createElement('section') and 
> document.createElement('header') then, from then onwards, IE will apply CSS 
> to section and header elements.  It doesn't matter how many elements of any 
> type there are.
> Can you be more clear about the problem you encountered?
> Rob
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