YEP!  That did the trick.   I thought i'd checked all those things, but i
missed that one on the IE-Only style sheet. 

Thanks.   I knew having a fresh eye look at it would see something that i
was too close to to notice -  couldn't see the wood for the trees.

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This line is invalid:

        background-image: #333333 url("images/Footer_background_s1.jpg");

You're defining both the color *and* the url in the image property.

Either change it to:

        background-image: url("images/Footer_background_s1.jpg");
        background-color: #333333;


        background: #333333 url("images/Footer_background_s1.jpg");

This is invalid across all browsers, it's just that IE8 is the only one that
seems to actually care.

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