> Could someone please clarify this for me. I realise that HTML5 has introduced 
> new semantic elements such as <header>, <aside> etc., but does this really 
> increase the expressive power of the markup? Can't the same thing be achieved 
> in HTML 4.x using classes (e.g. <p class="header">)?
> I am reluctant to move to HTML5 due to the issue of backwards compatibility.
> I would be grateful for any replies.


What is shorter <head> or <div class="header">?
And what is more easy to parse <head> or all this <div class="head">, <div 
class="header">, <span class="eagle_nest">, <i class="singOnTheTop big butt 
And what is more easy to support?
Common semantic meaning and coding style is pretty helpful, when on html work 
more than one developer.

Regards, Imp.

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