On 07/20/2011 09:43 AM, Stevio wrote:
> User choice basically. They may prefer to see more of a form in its
> own page, or they may prefer to use a modal form to add the record.
> If JavaScript is disabled, the system still works fine with the
> non-modal form option.
> Take Facebook's current implementation of photos for example. A while
> back they introduced a modal viewing box for images. However, if you
> click F5 to refresh Firefox, you go back to the old style viewing of
> the image in it's own page. Often I do this because I prefer it, other
> times I persist with their viewing box.
That's a really bad example, since that feature is user hostile, the F5
doesn't work in all browsers, and the same capabilities aren't available
in both modes, for example with the popup much of the page is blocked
and you can't click on links like home, and sometimes after browsing
with the popup you get back where you were, and sometimes you don't. 
Please don't use it as an example.  It makes you really wonder what
problem they were trying to solve, and you should ask yourself the
same.  (Really page designers should always ask themselves that.  It
avoids doing something because it's a cool feature you learned about,
but that makes things worse for users.)


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