Grant, I think it's likely that you'll find a lot of division on this question. 
But I'll go ahead and offer my own opinion.

I think it's an unnecessary expense and expenditure of energy to build a 
redundant site simply to suit mobile devices. There is a very workable solution 
using HTML5+CSS3, where a single site design can display quite satisfactorily 
on anything down to a 320px iPhone. Accessibility and usability needn't suffer 
in the process. If properly implemented, the user experience can maintain 
quality across all platforms.

Additionally, if you're not enthusiastic about HTML5+CSS3, you can accomplish 
the same thing using XHTML+RDFa. In fact, since RDFa presently enjoys a bit 
more adoption than HTML5, the SEO benefits can be even greater.

If you're interested, I recently posted a very brief explanation of the 
HTML5+CSS3 technique and will soon be posting a similar item on the RDFa option.

Sheldon Campbell

Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 7:43 PM
Subject: [WSG] Mobile sites


I was wondering whether having a dedicated mobile site represents an 
improvement with regard to accessibility and standards, or whether it is 
acceptable to have a single site that is adaptable to different screen widths 
(e.g. by means of CSS media queries). Of course, setting up a separate mobile 
site requires additional work and therefore expense.

I would be grateful for comments.

Thank you and regards,

Grant Bailey 
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