Five 'skip' links is definitely too many and I would say that three is the 
absolute maximum. During user testing we often get adverse comments if there 
are more than two. A single 'skip to content' link should be sufficient if the 
search form and sitemap link are at the top of the page (where people expect 
them), followed by the navigation then the content.

It has been widely accepted in the accessibility community the many years, that 
accesskeys should not be used because every accesskey conflicts with an 
accesskey in one or more widely used application or assistive technology.

As others have said, not all browsers work correctly with 'skip' links, in 
particular Safari, Chrome and Opera. It's unbelievable that these bugs have not 
been fixed after so many years, but that's the case. In my view, most people 
who benefit from the use of 'skip' links are not likely to be using these 

I believe that Opera has the native ability to jump to headings, so that would 
provide a very similar capability, especially if you add hidden headings for 
the navigation. I don't believe any other browsers have any such features yet.

Steve Green
Managing Director
Test Partners Ltd

From: [] on behalf of 
Blumer, Luke []
Sent: 05 June 2012 05:49
Subject: [WSG] WCAG 2.0 compliance and best practise on the "Skip to" function 

Hi All,

We are currently in the process of redesigning our website and are looking into 
the "Skip to" functionality.

We are currently considering using:

  *   Skip to Search
  *   Skip to Primary Navigation
  *   Skip to Secondary Navigation
  *   Skip to Main Content
  *   Skip to Sitemap

We are wondering if there is any information on best practice for the "Skip to" 
function and whether there is a generally acceptable limit as to how many "Skip 
to" links should be used?

We are also wondering whether we should be considering other ways for users to 
navigate around our pages such as AccessKey and whether this technique should be 
used to reduce the number of "Skip to" links we have listed above?

Is there any native browser functionality that performs any of these functions 
that we should account for?

Thankyou in advance for any advice.


Luke Blumer
Web Project Officer | Corporate Relations
Australian Taxation Office
Phone: 02 6216 2970

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