On 02/07/2012 13:39, Dan Freeman wrote:
The <sup> tag is definitely not presentational.  It’s good for the
browser to know what is superscripted.  Think about math and powers.

The browser will interpret these two things totally differently:


10<sup>4</sup> (correct)

10<span>4</span> (browser will think it’s 104 instead of 10^4 )

Arguably the semantics of mathematics are best conveyed with something like MathML, not HTML. <sup> really just means "it's superscript - make it look tinier, and up a bit". Compare the semantics of

10<sup>4</sup> vs 1<sup>st</sup> vs M<sup>lle</sup>

clearly, not related at all, apart from the fact that they visually look the same in print. The meaning (it's a mathematical exponent vs an ordinal indicator vs an abbreviation for Mademoiselle) changes depending on context, so the semantics are certainly far from cut and dry.

IMHO of course,

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