I mistyped a callsign in the "To radio" box, didn't realise, then 
changed mode to ECHO and exited the program.  I couldn't run the program 
again, it reported it was unable to open azel.dat.

Fault seems to be repeatable.  Set mode to ECHO, set "To radio" call as 
GC44AB, exit program and it reports "unable to open azel.dat". Editing 
wsjt.ini and changing mode to FSK441 fixes it, so does changing the 
HISCALL to a valid one like "GC4AB".  Not sure this is related, but when 
the HISCALL is invalid, the program appends six spaces to the end of the 
invalid call in wsjt.ini.  Problem only sems to affect ECHO, JT65 and 
CW.  ISCAT and FSK441 are not affected.  The reported error with 
azel.dat appears to be unrelated to the actual fault condition.

If I set the invalid call, then set mode to ECHO or CW, it reports it as 
invalid but still allows me to exit the program.

Neil G4DBN

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