Running "WSJT-X v.1.7.0-rc1 r7152-dirty”

I notice when selecting “Decode->Enable Deep Search” - at the end of the first 
sequence, when the code runs its “Decode”, I immediately get an error popup box 
containing the following: 

Running: /Applications/wsjtx_dirty.app/Contents/MacOS/jt9 -s WSJT-X -w 1 -m 3 
-e /Applications/wsjtx_dirty.app/Contents/MacOS -a 
"/Users/keithl/Library/Application Support/WSJT-X" -t 
At line 151 of file /Users/keithl/src/wsjtx/lib/hint65.f90 (unit = 77)
Fortran runtime error: Cannot open file 'fort.77': Permission denied

Error termination. Backtrace:
#0 0x10b41eb99
#1 0x10b41f855
#2 0x10b41ffb9
#3 0x10b4e491a
#4 0x10b4eadd5
#5 0x1050f4e82
#6 0x1050ec7ae

I was using JT65 B at the time.

Interestingly, this error only shows at the end of the sequence when the decode 
happens automatically.
If I click on "Decode” to force a decode at some point in time - the above 
error does not show (I would have expected it to).

It could of course just be something broken with my build. 
Does the same also happen for other Mac users?


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