While continuing to try various setup scenarios I can now reproduce that
7187 on my rig setup will not set the K3 into, or out of, split mode.  Rig
cat test in Settings/Radio sometimes fails. Otherwise  Test CAT goes green
and may stay green immediately after opening the radio tab.  If I try to
dismiss it, it comes back on green again.  I have to set SPLIT manually at
the rig now.

7108 buttons are blank and stay blank until manipulated.

It's worth mentioning that switching between DATA and USB is not sent to
the rig until I Tune or Transmit, even though polling is set to 1 second.
Frequency changes are immediate.

 See attached snip for Test CAT failure incident.

Otherwise, when I enable TX in normal operation, RF goes out.  For TUNE,
audio goes to the rig and TX lite goes on.

My physical setup (CAT cabling and rig settings)  works as usual with NAP3
and N1MM+.

MSK144 monitor hovers in low 30% util, confirmed in task manager.

73, chuck

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