1) r7187 cold start computer, rig, wsjtx
2) VHF features box checked, split checked, jt65/9 mode seletced
3) JT9 cursor set at 2800 offset, Monitor only

Rig goes into split, but both VFOs stay at 50.276. e.g rig does not offset
as expected on VFOB, stays at 50.276 during transmit or tune.

When I press Test Cat it comes on green, but when I dismiss, it keeps
coming back on.  This is definitely something I never saw before. I do
have *separate
*enabled in build options.

With VHF features off, VFOB goes to 50.277 with JT65/9 at 2800 offset. .

Is this the expected behavior? I should think so.

If so, maybe that box should read* Enable Fast Mode VHF/UHF/MW features *
and tool tip should read *Use only for Fast VHF modes, *or ideally
enumerate which modes if space permits. ....at least until the manual tells
what it does and when to use/not use it. After all, 50.276 is a VHF
frequency.  There have been postings about running QRA split as well.

I can only guess this morning's spilkus was due to not waiting long enough
between shutting down and launching different versions for A/B testing.
Although, I did try a few cold starts and still saw intermittent problems
setting and un-setting split mode on the rig in various scenarios.

73, chuck

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