Long time wsjt-x user, on Windows in the past, now on Linux.  (My
decision, after the great Win10 force feeding saga.)

I have been playing happily with the 1.8.0-rc1 trial of wsjt-x on Linux
Mint 18 xfce 32 bit for a while and have been very favorably
impressed.    That was installed via the downloaded .deb package file
from SF, no issues.

(Using 32 bit code, due to hardware limitations, the PC has an AMD64
dual core processor, but only 4G of RAM, that's the hardware limit.
Windows was a dog on this machine, but Linux flies!)

Audio I/O is via a iMic USB sound interface.  Serial I/O is via a USB
to RS232 adapter to a TS-870, using a prolific chipset.
No problems with any of that with other programs.

Recently, probably as a result of a Mint update, wsjt-x now fails to start. 
No process appears in htop, and if you launch it from a terminal window,
and wait, after about a minute, all I see is "segmentation fault" and I
am dropped back to the prompt.  During that time, though the cpu usage
"appears" low the overall system performance is "sluggish" to say the least.
Once I get the segfault message, normality is restored.

I've removed it, cleaned out the system (removing the .wsjt-x folder
too) made sure it's all up to date, and re installed etc.  And no change.

If I install an older version 1.6.0 for example, that runs just fine.

I looked to building from source, but can't get QT5 installed (the
on-line installer is still badly broken it seems.)  The Mint/Ubuntu system
repo's have very old versions of course, so no point going there.

Other digital mode programs, Fldigi, qsstv etc, all still work just fine
without issue, as does everything else that I use on this machine.

So..  What detailed info from me would you like to research this?



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