Having RTFM here are my comments.

2 System Requirements says time  ....UTC within ±1 second.   Is this good 
enough with FT8 which I believe needs an end to end error of less than 1.5 
seconds so each end ought to be within 0.75 seconds.

4.7 Colors
Somebody raised the issue of how to identify Worked Before stations. I replied 
direct that it's the green ones but from the guide and the config screen this 
is not  made clear.
From program behaviour I believe the label for Green should be "CQ Worked B4" 
and the Purple and Magenta should also have CQ in front of their descriptions.
For me the Green is too bright a choice for something that should be of low 
interest, and should be Grey ( or Gray) to be in line with  JTALERT but since 
it is re-configurable I guess it is a personal choice.

7.1 "I" paragraph has information on sensitivity of JT9 and JT65 but nothing 
for FT8.

8.1 VHF setup. Should this section remind us that the decoder will only spot 
one signal at a time" when in "VHF mode". I had missed that point in the past.

19 Utility Programs 
No mention of FT8 in this section. Should it be listed even if to say not 
available at this time.

Bob Thornton G3WKW 

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