Hi all,

When power memory is in use, on band change the "Transmit power" tooltip pops up even if wsjtx isn't focused or even on the same workspace. This is mildly annoying when doing WSPR band hopping. I will write a patch but I thought I'd ask for opinions first.

I can think of 3 possible solutions:
1. Suppress the tooltip when the band change is due to automatic hopping
2. Suppress the tooltip due to band change entirely -- it's not clear whether that was intended behavior to begin with 3. Replace the tooltip with a text label over the power slider so that the attenuator value is always visible.

Personally I like #3 the most, and probably the cleanest to code also. Having the tooltip disappear while setting up attentuator values for every band and needing to twiddle the slider just to get the value to pop up again isn't great. Adding the value next to the "Pwr" label wouldn't take much screen real estate and would work better, in my opinion. And then nothing would need to automatically summon the tooltip, so it won't bother me when I'm doing other things.


-- mike NF4E

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