AFAIK, it's only CQ's that are checked. If someone calls you on a band you
have already worked on it will look the same if it was unique.
I've thought about this question as well since 1.6.x, calling it "per band
dupe/CQ check" or something like that in my todo list.
At a first glance the problem is that the band data is not available to the
checking function and it needs to be passed through several functions to
reach it. It is possible though, as both the frequency and the band is in
the adif log.
I'm on linux so AlarmeJT is an option for me atleast. But I'm already using
cqrlog to handle the logging so a quick manual check will tell me if it's a
new band, still would be nice to handle automatically.
Even if I come up with a working solution I'm not sure if it will be added
to the dev branch, perhaps someone can hint on this ?

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM, Ed Stokes <> wrote:

> The question was whether this capability might be built into the WSJT-X
> software.
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