Would it make sense to implement a feature so that CQ messages do not start
transmitting in the middle of an interval ?


Today, if one wants to launch a CQ message at the next interval, one has to
(1) observe the time, (2) select the appropriate Tx even/1st and (3) Enable


Could this be done within a single function, such as a "Enable TX on next"
button or am I overseeing something here ?


And bringing the discussion a bit further, could such a feature be useful
when replying to a CQ message ? What is the usefulness of replying to a CQ
message at second 11, 12, 13 .. of the following interval  ?


The underlying purpose is to diminish useless transmissions in the middle of
an interval and enforcing an *** optional *** lockstepping of the FT8


Again, my apologies if I overlooked something and looking forward to
participate in the FT8 Dxpedition dry run !


Warm 73's from a cold Belgium !



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