On 13/02/2018 14:37, Bill Turner via wsjt-devel wrote:
This is not a problem, but an observation. When I ran 1.9.0 I noticed that the wide graph was swhowing red or yellow as background until I lowered the sound card levels and also lowered the RF level on the IC-7300.  Contacts were fine but it looks like the sensitivity of the software may have been increased.  This was on 30m, Windows 10, with an indoor 30ft end fed antenna.

If this is the case, you might want to add it to the manual.

Bill Turner, W4WNT

Hi Bill,

there is no change in sensitivity, the change you are seeing is probably a result of some waterfall enhancements to improve visibility of weak signals. Input to the decoders is unchanged. Your screen capture doesn't show the waterfall control settings, if you had optimum input level settings then some adjustment to the waterfall controls may have been needed but not any change to input level from your rig.

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