This is a minor thing and has been occurring for several revisions. I was
wondering if anyone one has seen this. When I first open WSJT-X and its in
another mode besides msk144, when I switch to msk144 mode, the Fast Graph
scale seems to default to 30 seconds even though T/R is set to 15 seconds.
The scrolling waterfall appears to be correct, but the time scale is wrong.
It's a simple matter of switching T/R to another setting and then back to 15
seconds and the time scale on the fast graph will follow along and be
correct then. This only seems to happen when first opening WSJT-X. The bug
does not appear again once it is open and have switched to other modes and
back to msk144.


Thought I would mention it.




Jay Hainline KA9CFD

Colchester, IL  EN40om


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